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3 RCA RGB Video Female To HD15-Pin VGA Component Video Jack Adapter

1. Great for passing the RGB, RGsB, RsGsBs or component YPbPr video and sync signal through a D-sub 15-pin VGA connector.
2. Integrated interference resistant ferrite cores for improved signal isolation and enhanced system electromagnetic compatibility.
3. Individually shielded coax lines protect against harmful EMI/RFI.
4. 75-ohm impedance matched RCA terminations minimize signal reflections.
5. Quintuple coax connector for standard high definition 75 Ohm inputs.
6. Heavy-duty molded strain relief provides increased flexibility and durability.
7. Material: copper and gold plated
8. Color: Black
9. Size: Approx. 5.6×4.3×1.4cm

Package included:
1 x VGA to RCA adapter

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