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7+15Pin Female SATA SSD HDD Hard Drive To IDE 3.5 inch 40 Pin Male Converter Adapter

Chipset: JM20330
Total Size: 100x17x22mm(L x W x H)
PCB Size(Not including pin): 100x17mm (L x W)
One end is SATA 7+15P female connector for connecting to SATA SSD/HDD without cable.
One end is IDE 40P male connector for connecting to 40P IDE cable and 4P Molex power connector.

Mini board design & no space wasted.
SATA SSD/HDD can be detected and used as a 3.5" IDE HDD.
Converts all SATA devices SSD/HDD/CD-ROM/CD-RW/DVD-ROM/DVD-RAM/DVD-RW into 3.5" IDE device.
Integrated chip provides a high performance, economic and reliable solution to use peripherals with SATA interface.
Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0 specification.
Compliant with ATA 100/133 specification.
Master/Slave mode selection. Bootable, allows to install OS and application.
Easy install & no driver required.

Package Included:
1x 7+15Pin SATA to 3.5" IDE adapter

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