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7 Inches LTT-7 GTT-7 Cable Wire Locking Terminator Lock Key Termination Tool For TV


Use it with all locking terminators
Features solid spring steel ears. It's durable, long lasting, and easy to use
It's 7 inches cable TV locking terminator tool. Use this tool to secure or remove terminator locks on cable TV boxes
This tool accommodates the following types of terminators on the market:
PDI Inc. Models : PTP-59 and PTP-59LR
PCT International Model: TPG
Corning Gilbert model: GTT
Signal Vision, Inc. Models: SV-LT and SV-LTA
View-sonics Model: TR 75 GTL
Total Length: Approx. 17.7cm/ 7 inches

Package Included:

1 x GTT-7 LTT-7 Cable Locking Terminator

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